Sometimes its weird how things workout. Arielle showed up as a last-minute replacement on a shoot.  I was a little apprehensive about how she would perform especially since I had never worked with her before  and there weren’t  a lot of photos to judge her by…. was I ever in for a surprise.  She was super professional and poised in front of the camera.  I was so impressed by her on that day that I had to set up another shoot below you will find the results.  Expect to see a lot more of her around here.  Once again big thank you goes out to Styluxus for a great job on the makeup and styling.

I kept the lighting really simple on this shoot, opting for just a standard 7 inch reflector for all the shots except for the “Beauty” shot where I used a beauty dish just above here head, a second strobe with the standard reflector bouncing off the wall behind her and a silver reflector for fill underneath.  Also two of the bikini shots were shot with just natural light.

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One thought on “Arielle

  1. great photographer = great photos!!!!i love the sky-background on the photos with the bikini….it gives a special dimension to the photos!!! 🙂

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