Cloud 7 Fashion

Last week I had a great day of shooting for the clothing shop Cloud 7 Fashion on the Kettengasse  in Cologne. I loved the fact that we had some good weather for a change, and could actually get out under the sun.  All the people involved were full of energy, even passerby’s took part in the action.  I want to give a big thank you to the girls over at Styluxus for the makeup and styling,  Cloud 7 Fashion for providing the clothes for the girls, and Mens Sports Fashion for providing the clothes for the man. I also want to thank the other shop owners on the Kettengasse  for putting up with all that was going on.  I also can’t forget the models Tamie, Sabine, Sabrina (who travelled all the way from Zurich) and Mehmet, who was a great surprise on the day.

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