Retouch Video

A frequent reader of my blog, lets call her Miss C, tried her hand at retouching a photo of herself using some of the techniques that I discussed in an earlier post. The problem is I didn’t give a clear idea of what actually takes place during the process. So I decided to use her photo and make a video of how I would go about retouching it.

Retouching is definitely a personal thing and I’ve developed a workflow that suits my needs for the time being. However it is constantly evolving as I learn new techniques, and software improvements are made. I urge you to search the net for tips,tricks,and tutorials for Photoshop and develop a workflow of your own.

In this video you will notice that I only use the tools that are available in Photoshop. No skin processing plugin software or blurring layers were used in the retouching. Technically I guess you can say that the “Clone stamp, and Healing brush” use some kind of blurr to hide detail, but most of what I do is done with the “Dodge and Burn” tools I had to speed the video up so that it could be watchable, just slow down the speed or pause it while watching to see what it is that I’m doing. Now on to the video.

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