Modatex Fashion Fair 2010

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With over 160 exhibitors, Modatex Fashion Fair is the largest Bridal Trade Fair in Germany. So I grabbed my camera bag, one flash, and headed down to Essen to see what the vendors had to offer. My setup had to be easy to carry and easy to setup. I opted for and Octabox and portable battery pack. I found a good spot to setup out of the way then it was just a matter of tackling the models as they walked by. ( I promise no harm came to any models or dresses in the making of these photos).

Here are the photos:

Vendor Dynasty UK Ltd.

Vendor Dynasty UK Ltd.

Vendor: Eternity Group, UK

Vendor: Sis Idman, Finnland

Vendor: Eternity Bride, UK

Vendor: Eternity Bride, UK

Vendor: Dynasty UK Ltd.

Photo details: All photos were shot with an Octabox high camera left. For the shots outside I really wanted to darken the ambient light and shoot at a hight f-stop so I took off all the diffusers from the Octabox. This gave me the power needed as well as a more contrasty light to isolate the subject. When shooting white clothing you always have to be careful not to overexpose them while still giving enough light to the image so that the skin of the subject is not under exposed.

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